Mazair has now done my fainting sofa, antique hall tree, two ornate black leather chairs and an antique curio stand.  The fainting sofa was chewed by my puppy and I thought it was ruined, but just couldn't throw it out.  I called Mazair and he came and picked it up, I chose the fabric and it is better than when I bought it.  My puppy then proceeded to chew all the wood on my antique furniture, and again I just couldn't throw it out.  My chairs, hall tree and stand are beautiful now, and you would  never know they were chewed on.  Luckily my puppy is now a dog and has lost the urge to chew all my furniture, so I will have these pieces for many years.  I still have some other furniture which was visited by the puppy and will have them repaired also by this company
 Thanks Mazair for the great work, I am able to keep my pieces I truly enjoy.  

Gayle C
Los Angeles, CA
Maziar is a great carpenter AND a great guy. I needed some "minor" carpentry customization -- basically fitting antique headboard and footboard on a new platform bed frame. Mazi gave me a quote over the phone, and a fast appointment, came exactly on time, and finished up fast.
Mazi came and did the work quickly, neatly and efficiently. Due to the nature of the task, there were some challenges and mis-steps -- which he patiently and cheerfully fixed/ resolved to my complete satisfaction. He was also very willing to listen to my suggestions and ideas, which many "experts" are not. His attitude was absolutely the best during the whole process.
My only hesitation with Yelp recommended workmen is that they are expensive -- reasonable, I suppose, but I am really always looking for cheap. Mazi was one who satisfied even this concern; his quote was extremely reasonable, and he stuck to it even when things got more difficult/ extended. In fact, I willingly paid him a little extra for his efforts.
My only sorrow is that Mazi does only woodwork, not an all around handyman. So I have to find other such great people for my other house repair needs.
Keep it up Mazi! And thanks.

Paul. M
Woodland Hills, CA 
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